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Updated: Jan 30

To start a change BE THE CHANGE

Dr Richa Soni

Environmental Engineer & LEAP Director

With the raising Environmental concerns, everywhere is a hustle and bustle of things which needs to be done and things which can be done to act towards countering climate change.

A lot is said and talked about what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided for saving our planet. I also want to talk about the same, what are my thoughts about climate change, what everyone should do, what rules should be put in place, what ideas can be implemented. These issues are important and must be talked about. But today, I would like to know how much as an individual we contribute towards our environment.

To bring the change in the society, we need to first bring the change in ourselves and then set out an example to inspire others. Each and every person can do little things each day to reduce their carbon footprint and make their routine more eco-friendly.

Superhero like efforts are not required to be an Environmental Warrior, but yes a lot of patience and resilience is required. It is often a misconception that we need to do big things and move mountains to protect our Environment. Instead, simple things: minor change in lifestyle, finding eco-alternatives, diet planning, having flexible approach is all you need to give your input in bringing the change. A healthy lifestyle with Eco-conscious thinking goes together, and if you just put both in place you will be able to observe the changes.

While changes must be done at the state, local government level, but our individual actions do count. Thinking without action will not work in this case, do not wait for implementation to become a rule before you start acting. Just choose the sustainable way and act wisely.

All of us are so busy doing our day-to-day chores that there is a disconnect between high concern for environmental issues and low action level. For people to bring it to action, the action plan needs to be presented in a beneficial and tangible way, having benefits like cost-effective, community engagement and more.

So let us just start thinking of ways and measures in which being environment friendly might help you save your money or might be good for your health. We will share more ideas about the same in our next post and till then wait for more responses.

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