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Lancaster Environment Action & Protection (LEAP Lancashire) actively encourages family activities and engaging children in a safe way, to shape and influence LEAP's grassroots action in countering climate change. We do this by encouraging children to voice their observations, expectations and ideas about tackling climate change through debate and discussion at LEAP online forums, expressing their thoughts through drawings, poetry, models, creating and researching eco-quizzes, and learning about protecting the environment through activities such as read-along e-play performances.


LEAP Voice of Youth is led by Daruk D. N. Pal. If you know of a child who would like to join LEAP Voices of Youth activities or contribute to the Newsletter, please email projects@lancashireleap.org.uk

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NAISHA is our youngest and proactive member. Visit our Hall of Fame below to see her efforts awarded a medal and certificate during Green Week 2021.

Adopting a Sustainable Lifestyle is about every family member thinking about what they consume and what they waste. 

Time is as little or much as you make of it. Find the time to Reuse - it's about Family Learning in Sustainability and having fun with your child!

DEEYA says, "DON'T CUT DOWN TREES! Instead, cut out burning fuel altogether - use clean energy. And if you live somewhere without clean energy being available, there are more sustainable alternatives to wood fuel such as dung logs. And she adds that these are lighter, don't smell and are natural insect repellents. 

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